Exhibitor Profiles

Booth # 3

Established in 2001, FlowTech Fueling is the leader in fueling process improvement. Their patented Nonpressure Fuel Overfill Prevention Systems and large-scale Mobile Fueling Depots are designed to meet the challenges of harsh mining environments. With over 70 years of combined mining experience, FlowTech’s expertise and dedication to customer service is second to none. FlowTech’s non-pressure, overfill prevention Fueling Systems installed on your mobile equipment will eliminate fuel spillage, improve personnel safety, reduce tank maintenance, and minimize environmental impacts. With over 1800 systems installed throughout the US and Canada, FlowTech’s Fueling Systems provide ease of installation, reliability, low maintenance, and are backed by excellent service and an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. FlowTech Mobile Fueling Depots provide the efficiency and flexibility of a high-flow, multi-station fueling facility with the added benefit of easily moving it as the mine plan requires. Our Fuel Depots are extremely customizable with various options for fuel storage capacity and fueling station configurations. FlowTech can help you achieve a faster fill without the spill so your operation can do more with less.

Booth # 2

Southwestern Scale Company Inc. is the only full-service Scale company in the Southwestern United States. Everything and anything our customers need in the form of weighing system products, accessories and services, we have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to provide. Since 1948, we have placed more equipment in service to more customers than any other single Scale company in our market. We are locally owned and operated, led by the second generation of ownership since our inception. We offer Truck Scales for sale as well as Rentals, and services such as Scale Calibration and Repair, Load Testing, and Weight Studies.

Southwestern Scale Co.
2535 W. Broadway
Phoenix, AZ 85041
T + 1 602 243 3951

Booth # 4

Strata Worldwide is a global company of advanced, industrial-grade systems, products and technologies that are designed for use in harsh working environments such as mining, tunneling and maritime ports. Strata is a leader in safety and the company’s offerings in proximity detection and collision avoidance systems are cutting-edge around the world. These work to prevent accidents and injuries involving mobile machinery. Through partnerships with domestic and global chemical companies, Strata offers a full suite of specialty shotcretes, grouts, resins, liners, waterproofing membranes and cellular concretes which provide countless applications and problem-solving options. These solutions are coupled with application experts.

Strata Worldwide
1000 Marietta St.
Atlanta, GA 30318
T + 1 404 549 2420

Booth # 10

Strategic provider of fuel additives, fuel management systems, and relocatable fuel docks. 25+ years of experience in mining. Our goal is to work cooperatively with mining engineers to develop fuel strategies related to efficiency KPI’s, emissions, and refueling.

Total Power
11199 Sorrento Valley Rd
Suite 205
San Diego, CA 92121
T +1 858 677 9211

Booth # 17

Vulcan On-Board Scales has weighing solutions for underground and surface vehicles. Customers can weigh their mining payload at the pickup point while also tracking truck frame fatigue, according to OEM protocols. We offer model specific on-board weighing solutions for articulated haulers and high capacity dump trucks carrying greater than 20 tons. The scales include a meter in the cab of the truck and warning options to let the loader know when the maximum capacity has been reached. Additional options include Vulcan’s V700 remote display, exterior mounted scoreboards and CAN bus interface.

Vulcan On-Board Scales
5920 South 194th Street
Kent, WA 98032
T +1 800 237 0022

Booth # 18

Immersive Technologies’ mission is to increase a customer’s site’s profitability by optimizing the safety and productivity of their operators. Immersive Technologies delivers on this mission through an effective workforce optimization strategy, aligning people, process and technology. This methodology reduces risk, proves training impact and effectively manages the training process. It is the a worldwide equipment simulator supplier with a consistent and proven track record of delivering significant and measurable in-pit cost reductions, productivity gains and safety improvements. Operators learn in a highly realistic simulator, allowing the transition to the real machine to be completed faster and with more confidence. With the largest deployment of mining simulators, a global customer base, original equipment manufacturer endorsements, proven results and engineering expertise, Immersive Technologies is a recognized and trusted leader in mining training solutions, according to the company.

Immersive Technologies
9746 Sandy Parkway
Sandy, Utah, 84070
T + 1 801 748 0844

Booth # 19

Driver Industrial Safety™ is a quality manufacturer of market-driven Safety Products for industrial and commercial industries. SAFETY IS ALL WE DO™. We are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) with manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the US & Canada and sell through our global distribution channels. Driver Industrial Safety™ was originally founded in 2004 under our former recognized name SafetyWhips®. Driver was founded on the basis that there is a critical need for well-engineered and dependable products for work site safety. Clients depend on Driver to keep their worksite safe. Our combined 100+ years in LED and electronics manufacturing provides the best-engineered products available for worksite safety. Our 5 branded product lines lead the industry in robust quality and engineering: NVIZN™ Identification Displays, SafetyWhips® Warning Whips, Helios Warning Lights, Toro® Wheel Chocks, and Industrial Decals Co™.

Driver Industrial Safety™
2115 W Mountain View Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85021
T + 1 602 424 2500

Booth # 20

CR is on a mission to revolutionize mining.Our products take materials to the next level, evolving hardware and software into more. We offer the next generation of mining technology that enables our customers to link actionable data with operational decisions that deliver your ESG and performance ambitions. We use numbers to connect machines with operators, engineers, and decision-makers at every level. From our sophisticated testing protocols to predictive maintenance and mining value chain optimization, we make meaning out of data.Let us put numbers to work to revolutionize your operations and advance your sustainability goals.

CR Mining
Suite 410
10220 SW Greenburg Rd
Portland OR 97223