April 1-5,2023

MMI Cancels
Haulage & Loading 2021

Mining Media International decided to cancel Haulage & Loading 2021, which was supposed to take place March 15-17 at the El Conquistador in Tucson, Arizona. Throughout the planning process for this event, we had hoped it would be timed well with the COVID-19 recovery. With a second wave of infections sweeping across the country, that is not the case.

The venue was capable of hosting H&L 2021. We had full complement of speakers and several suppliers who wanted to move forward with it. Unfortunately, the pre-registration attendance figures at the end of January 2021 did not justify hosting the event.

H&L takes places every two years on the odd years. Rather than postponing it for another year and upsetting that schedule, MMI decided to cancel it.

Haulage & Loading will return to the El Conquistador in Tucson on March 6-8, 2023.