By Tim Joseph, Principal, JPi mine equipment & Prof. University of Alberta

Abstract: For years operations and maintenance groups worldwide have debated, argued and fought over the question: Which is better? Hydraulic excavator or rope shovel? The arguments have invariably been qualitative, anecdotal and more often than not application specific. The playing field is not level from either stance and apples do not equate to bananas! Well, here it is folks – two of the most respected bananas in the industry going head to head in a fact based live debate, both backed by field measurements and experiences on a level playing field. The total energy per ton excavated and weight versus stability arguments find equality of case, the outcome of which may surprise everyone. Sammut and Joseph will lay out food for thought as all of us continue to contemplate this now aging concern. This no holds barred event is a “once and for all grudge match” only at Haulage and Loading 2013.