Program & Speakers

2017 Technical Program

(As of February 3, 2017.  Subject to change.)

Session I: Improving Operations
Monday, May 8, 2017

Optimizing Slope Angles with Controlled Blasting, Slope Monitoring, and Good Communication
By Keith Taylor, senior geotechnical engineer, Freeport-McMoRan
Is Bigger Still Better? Considerations for Increasing Size of Haulage Equipment
By M. Dotto, T.G. Joseph and M. Curley
The Critical Link Between Loader Productivity, Operator Performance and Mining Costs
By Andrew Jessett, CEO, MineWare
Improving Ingress/Egress Systems on Mobile Equipment
By William L. Porter and Jonisha P. Pollard; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division
The Use of Lighting Technology on Mobile Equipment
By Yazi Fletcher, chief technical officer, Phoenix Lighting
Session II: Haulage Strategies
Monday, May 8, 2017
Bringing New Life to DC Haul Trucks With an AC Retrofit Package
By Ben Balbach, heavy ındustry and power systems manager, Flanders
Mine Haulage Simulation: 
A Tool Toward Managing Uncertainty 
By Hooman Askari-Nasab, Mohammad Tabesh and Shiv Upadhyay
Can “Big Data” Answer the Big Question: 
How Do My Haul Roads Perform?
By Roger Thompson, professor of Mining Engineering, Curtin University, Western Australia School of Mines
Coordinated Operator Training
By Graham Upton, director of business development, Doron Precision Systems
Session III: Fleet Management
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Innovative Information Mining: Fleet Optimization
By Lia Walker, quality leader, Freeport McMoRan
How Big is Too Big?
By Craig Griffiths, manager of customer solutions, Volvo Construction Equipment
Analysis of New Truck Fleet and Improvements in the Load Times Supported by Simulation
By Maikol G. Vega, Mining Services, Modular Mining Systems
Turning Erdenet’s Data Into Dollars
By Job Del Rosario, business solutions manager, Micromine Americas
Fleet Maintenance Solutions: Air Pre-cleaner Kits Reduce Costs and Increase Performance
By Jill Frederick, Centri product manager, DRM Diversafab
Session IV: Loading Techniques
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Hydraulic Excavator vs. Rope Shovel Performance
By Rodion Andreev, Tim Joseph, John Sammut and Mark Curley
Improving Truck-and-Shovel Utilization With a Surge Feeder
By David Pitchford, president, MMD Mineral Sizing (America)
Shovel-based Fragmentation Analysis of ROM to Improve Blast Planning
By Tom BoBo, director of technical sales and marketing, Split Engineering
FREEDOM for Shovel Advancements
By Shawn Rea, excavators manager, Flanders 

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